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Supporting our pupils to be ‘Safe, Ready and Respectful’ is the heart of what we do at The Edge. We work hard to ensure our students take advantage of every opportunity, responsibility and experience in life. We aim to raise students’ aspirations and ensure every pupil strives to work towards their goals. Quality careers education, information, advice and guidance allows pupils to explore every avenue available to them and set a path that suits them. We recognise our students come from a range of backgrounds so we aim to provide support to them and their families to decide the future that they want to work towards. Our curriculum is designed to prepare young people to be ready to move on to their next stage safely and produce respectful, responsible citizens.

The Edge’s CEIAG programme allows students to build towards meaningful education and employment in a graduated and supported way. We offer KS3 a range of CEIAG opportunities and offer plenty of time to evaluate these experiences so students are confident and competent to make sensible choices in our bespoke KS4 programme. The students will receive one to one support and guidance throughout KS4 to ensure that they have high expectations for their future.

CEIAG is an integral part of preparing students to be active and engaged in their community. Careers information is embedded in every curriculum area and targeted through explicit Life Skills lessons, form time activities and weekly work related learning opportunities. Bespoke careers advice and guidance means students do not follow one fixed programme but learning is accredited where possible with level 1 AQA unit awards.

We have high expectations for all our students and work hard to raise aspirations. For every student that has a goal in mind we will be there to support them. We will explore potential career and education routes and discuss back up plans. However, not everyone has a dream, for those students who don’t know what they want to do we will support them to explore options and ensure they have a broad and balanced curriculum to underpin their qualifications.

Our careers department consists of Charlotte Poynton and Elizabeth Richards, both are readily available for students and parents should they require any information.

Our independent careers advisors are Jane and Soma from Birmingham Careers service:

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