Dear Parent/ Carer,

In the absence of full “physical” Parents’ Evenings as we continue to emerge from the worst of the Coronavirus pandemic, we are delighted to invite you and your child to an individual progress meeting on Monday 5th July 2021.

The progress meeting is important in providing information about your child’s progress, their working at grades and their attitude to learning as they “step up” to next academic year.

During the twenty-minute meeting, the following will be discussed:
Behaviour: positive and negative logs
Working at grades, target grades and progress made this year
Attitude to learning
Target setting for the last half term
Examples of your child’s class work

Due to the recent lockdown, we appreciate that your child has missed some important parts of their education and we are determined to support in every way possible. Our “Safe, Ready, Respectful” curriculum underpins everything we do and we want your child to have a positive learning experience.

The times available for each meeting are listed below. A member of staff will follow up on this letter by telephone to ask you for a convenient time.

If you cannot attend, your child should still do so as this is an important part of their learning journey. Please note that as we are dedicating an entire day to these meetings, your child will only need to attend at the given appointment time and will be able to return home afterwards as normal lessons will not take place.


1.05pm – 1.25pm 3.10pm – 3.30pm
1.30pm – 1.50pm 3.35pm – 3.55pm
1.55pm – 2.15pm 4.00pm – 4.20pm
2.20pm – 2.40pm 4.25pm – 4.45pm
2.45pm – 3.05pm 4.50pm – 5.10pm


Please feel free to email me at  if you have any queries or concerns.

Yours sincerely,

Charlotte Poynton
Assistant Principal