Dear Parent/Carer,

You may or may not be aware that during the summer holidays, students from The Edge Academy can participate in a variety of enrichment opportunities. I appreciate that students at The Edge Academy are spread out across the city as well as being located in Coventry, Sandwell and Worcestershire. Therefore, below, I have attached a link to a website from Birmingham City Council, which lists a variety of enrichment opportunities which are available across the local area.

Please remember further to previous letters from us that we are open for two “drop-in” days during the holiday period- on Wednesday August 19th we are open to Key Stage 3 (Years 7,8 and 9) students between 9.15 am and 12.15pm and on Friday August 21st, we are open to Year 10 students between 9.15am and 12.15pm. On these “drop-in” days, breakfast and lunch will be provided free of charge and a range of activities will be available to students.

A reminder too that students are welcome to continue to contribute to the “Edge2Barry” challenge during the holiday period by sending us details of physical activity they have completed. Full details of this are still available online at:

If you require any further details or assistance, please email me at:

Yours sincerely,

Calum Hill

Lead Teacher of Mathematics