Newsletter_Oct 20th

  1. Chicken Tikka Masala Cookery Masterclass

A massive thank you to the Northfield community who turned up in large numbers (despite torrential rain!) to take part in our Chicken Tikka Masala Cookery Masterclass on Thursday night this week! Our superb chefs Nick Self and Connor Harkins gave full demonstrations of how to cook the dish and all participants then got to make their own and take away the finished result!

Due to places for the event selling out quickly, we also streamed the event live on our Facebook page. If you want to catch up on the event in full, the video is still available on playback at We are also hugely grateful for the support we receive from the B31 Voices group- they have kindly put an article on their website about the event together with a full ingredient list in case you want to cook along with the video!


  1. Work related learning

The aim of The Edge Academy is to re-engage students into education and progression to employment, training or further education.

The academy has introduced employability qualifications and a new initiative, entitled Work-Related Learning for all KS4 students which the Academy would like to establish in the local area and would provide the students with invaluable lessons into the world of work to meet the needs of the workforce of the future.

My role was to go out and make links with employers in the area who would be willing participants to support the Academy new initiative.

The Academy is delighted to say that this week we had, two of our students who start their work-related learning placements.

A huge thank you to Bellefield Junior School and The Clock Café for taking on our two of our students!

The academy is truly grateful for the work experience opportunities local businesses and organisations are providing for our students. We continue to look for other placements so please do not hesitate to contact the academy if you are able to support us in any way.

Allan Gayle

  1. Meet the staff – Helen McClane

Helen McClane joined the academy in 2016. Helen’s art GCSE students achieved excellent results in the summer and the current Year 10s and 11s are showing just as much creative potential! Helen is a hugely talented teacher who has recently been promoted into the position of SENCO (Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator) on the senior team. Her role is to support students and families in diagnosis of need and ensure the right support is provided to enable all students to be the best they can be.

4.Meet the staff – Connor Hawkins

Connor is one of the originals; he joined the academy in Sept 2015. One of the favourites amongst the students, he works tirelessly to both feed the academy and teach students how to make a range of exciting and delicious recipes.

Connor also works in professional restaurants across Birmingham and brings his immense expertise to The Edge. We are lucky to have him! Look out for Connor on our Facebook page hosting live cooking events.

5. Star of the week

Well done to Kamran from KS3 who won his second “Star of the Week” award of the half-term at Friday Brunch this week. It was a close contest all the way over the last couple of days as Kamran pipped Essa from KS3 by just one point- Essa was not happy as he was on a hat-trick! Here is Kamran receiving his award from Ms. Blythe!

6. Meet the Student – Tom

Tom is in Year 11 and is an up and coming chef. He has dazzled the academy chefs every Friday afternoon with his skills and hard work in the kitchen. Tom loves being creative in enrichment cooking lessons and has made the following this term: Toffee apples, choux buns, peppermint creams, rice krispie cakes, cookies, pizza, spun sugar, fruit salad, pumpkin carving.

7. Friday Brunch Reward Event

It was fantastic to end the half-term with yet another massive Friday Brunch reward event. We are continuing to grow the event every time we run it and this week we added another Teaching and Learning element to the certificate list. Well done Rebecca in Y10 (seen here receiving her award from Ms Blythe) who was one of the inaugural winners (along with Isobel and Ryan from Y11) of the “Outstanding Performance in English Award”.

8. Attend to Achieve

Friday Brunch was also the venue for two superb prizes we gave out as part of the “Attend to Achieve” initiative. Rebecca won the £50 JD Sports Voucher prize draw out of all of the students who had achieved 100% attendance in the last fortnight and Kamran won the £50 JD Sports Voucher prize draw for punctuality. Here they both are receiving their prizes from Mr. Price

As always, it wasn’t just about the prizes- all students with outstanding records of punctuality and with 100% attendance last week received certificates. Here is Minister who was one of the winners of 100% attendance certificates receiving his from Mr. Briscoe.

9. Parent/Carer communication

A further reminder that as well as handing letters, newsletters etc to students regarding academy news, we now put all letters on our website ( and text links to you each time this happens. We also post reminders on Twitter (address @edgenorthfield or go to website at and Facebook (address @edgeacademynorthfield or go to website at Please follow/like our social media accounts as they provide exciting additional snapshots of academy life! Finally, we now also have a parent/carer electronic mailing list- if you have not already signed up for this, e-mail Vice Principal Andrew Wakefield at and we will then e-mail all academy letters to you.

9. Parent/carer communication