19th March 2018

Dear Parent/Carer,

Firstly, may I take this opportunity to thank the parents who attended the recent parents’ evening.  Communication between school and home is really important to us as we know it is an important part of student success.  If you were unable to make it and wish to speak to staff, please do not hesitate to contact reception and book an appointment.
A reminder that we break up for the Easter break on Thursday 29th March at 12:30.  Students will be welcome to eat lunch prior to dismissal. We return to school on Monday 16th April at 9:15am.
As part of our behaviour improvement strategy, we have slightly amended our sanctions policy.  Detentions are issued for the following: truancy, red card, disruption out of lesson.  If students receive a detention, they miss out on enrichment that day.  For each detention they receive thereafter, they receive a 10 minute after school detention.  No student will be kept for longer than 30 minutes without communication with home.
We value the support our parents provide us with ensuring we get the best outcomes for students.
Yours sincerely,

Karen Slater