9th May 2017

Dear Parent/Carer,

Thank you to the parents and carers that attended our first ever parents’ evening. Reports have been posted home for any Year 11s that didn’t attend. Please contact your child’s head of house if you wish to discuss these.

Those that attended, had the chance to meet the new members of the senior leadership team and other members of staff. The staff of The Edge work tirelessly to support students to achieve their potential and the partnership between us and home is an important one. For those that didn’t attend, please note our senior team structure is as follows:

Miss Slater –

Interim Headteacher


Mr Wakefield –

Interim Deputy Headteacher


Ms Silverton                Mrs Bailey                   Mr Dean

Assistant Principal      Assistant Principal      Interim Senior Leader


We are working hard to engage students in shaping their education and futures and as part of this, have introduced regular sessions for students to input ideas into the academy improvement plan. The most recent feedback indicated students wanted opportunities to go on trips. We are currently planning a reward trip for this term and hope to build on this with many more in the future.

Another current priority for the academy is helping students see and experience the vast range of careers available to them. As part of this, we are looking to focus on animal themed careers over the coming weeks. It is essential, therefore, that we have up to date medical information related to allergies. We are mindful some students may be nervous about meeting and working with animals and will deal with this sensitively.

Please do not hesitate to contact the academy if you have any queries regarding the above.

Yours faithfully,

Miss Slater

Interim Headteacher.