‘Coffee and Cake Event’ at The Edge Academy


Dear Parents/Carers,


Next week sees Global “Mental Health Awareness Day” on Wednesday 10th October. We at the Edge feel passionately that this is an area, in which as a school we should be actively supporting and empowering our young people to be mentally healthy.

Adolescence and the teenage years are a time of life when many changes occur, for example changing schools, new friendships, leaving home, and starting university or a new job. For many, these are exciting times. They can also be times of stress and apprehension however. In some cases, if not recognised and managed, these feelings can lead to mental illness. The expanding use of online technologies, while undoubtedly bringing many benefits, can also bring additional pressures.


DID YOU KNOW…Half of all mental illness begins by the age of 14, but most cases go undetected and untreated. In terms of the burden of the disease among adolescents, depression is the third leading cause. Suicide is the second leading cause of death among 15-29-year-olds. Harmful use of alcohol and illicit drugs among adolescents is a major issue in many countries and can lead to risky behaviours such as unsafe sex or dangerous driving.


Throughout the week we will be working to raise awareness of positive mental health through a range of activities in lessons, at tutor time and during student assemblies.

We are also combining our fundraising efforts on the day itself by holding a coffee morning in aid of McMillan and Global Mental Health Awareness day. You are warmly invited to join us for our ‘Coffee and Cake event’ at The Edge Academy from 10.30am-11.30am on Wednesday 10th October 2018. Students themselves will be supported by staff in preparing the food and will be available to serve the refreshments for a small donation towards the charities valuable cause.

We look forward to seeing you at the Edge to help us recognise the importance of positive mental health.

Yours faithfully,

Adam Smith

Vice Principal


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