Swimming Cultural Capital Visit Year 9 July 2022

 Dear Parents/Carers,

Student enrichment experiences are a vital part of our Safe, Ready, Respectful curriculum at the Edge Academy. School visits to different environments and places outside of the local area form a key aspect of that provision.

We are planning to take both groups of Year 9 students to the Crystal Leisure Centre swimming pool during the final week of term. Students will be able to access a swim session at the leisure pool with the wave machine, rapids and flume slides.

Students from group 9B will have the opportunity to participate on Monday 18th July and then students from 9A will have the opportunity to participate on Tuesday 19th July.

All participants will therefore be required to bring suitable swimwear and a towel to participate. The minibus will leave school after breaktime at 11.30am on each day and will return at approximately 2.00pm. Students will be free to leave from school upon return at 2.00pm in recognition of the offsite activities that they will have been actively participating within.

Lunch, refreshments and drinks will be provided as part of the trip, however there may be opportunity for students to access other refreshments should they wish to bring a small amount of money themselves.

Should you have any queries regarding this trip, please do not hesitate to contact the school, or myself directly via adam.smith@theedgeacademy.co.uk or replying via the SMS text message sent from school to notify you of the trip.

Yours faithfully,

Adam Smith

Vice Principal