20th September 2017


Dear Parent/Carer,

Most of you will know that at The Edge Academy we are really fortunate to have an outstanding school building that has recently been refurbished. A clean, safe learning environment is vital for students to succeed.

Ensuring we provide the best education possible can be challenging with the funding we receive, but this is made even harder if we have to spend school funding on repairs to our building.   For this reason, I would like to outline our position on deliberate vandalism and damage to school property.

If students deliberately damage school property, even if through anger, the following will happen:

  • Incident card issued
  • 15 minute detention after school on the same day
  • 1 hour detention after school on the next day with a member of the senior team
  • Repair costs recovered from parents/carers or replacement of broken item if possible
  • Possible police involvement

As an indicator of how costly repairs can be, please note the following approximate prices for school items that have recently had to be repaired/replaced:

  • Door glass panels £250
  • Frosting on glass £30
  • Radiator panel £100
  • Emergency release door arm £200

The last item is damaged when students try to force doors open that are on a mag-lock. Mag-locks enable us to restrict certain areas of school to ensure students are safe. They release doors immediately in case of emergency so that there is no danger to students.

We have introduced a new rewards system this term with far more opportunities for students to be praised for their work and for good behaviour. These rewards include trips, certificates, and prizes which of course cost us money.

I thank you for your continued support in helping us to prioritise the education of students in ensuring funding is spent on their education.

Yours sincerely,

Karen Slater