Safeguarding Update


Dear Parent/ Carers,

As part of our continuing push on raising safeguarding standards, I am writing with an update on our emergency evacuation and critical incident procedures. You are probably aware that it is now considered good practice to physically rehearse “lockdown measures” in the event of a serious incident, we intend to do this in school on Friday April 5th and just wanted to inform you out of courtesy in advance.

So that the reason for doing this rehearsal is fully clear to students and so that they are not made anxious, all students will have a special “life skills” lesson during Periods 1 and 2 of the above date where their class teacher will facilitate a discussion on safeguarding, terrorism, and recent emergency situations which have been in the news. We will then complete a supervised rehearsal of “lockdown measures” at the end of Period 2 so that students are fully aware of what to do if ever a critical incident takes place inside or outside of school. The day will then finish in the normal way with brunch at 11.35am and enrichment running between 12-2pm.

As always, we will take individual student needs into account in our final planning for the morning and will ensure that if any students have concerns around this that we see them beforehand and make appropriate provision. We would be grateful if you could also talk this through with your child in advance of April 5th and let us know if there is anything further we can do to help and support.

As always, please contact me you if you require any further information regarding this letter, either on 0121 533 5858 or via e-mail at


Yours sincerely,

Andrew Wakefield





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