Autumn Half-Term 1 Reward Trip
Parents/ Carers,
I am delighted to inform you that we are running a reward trip which will take place within the academy day on Thursday 21st September. The aim of the trip is to reward students who have consistently met our expectations since the beginning of term in terms of work-rate, effort, attendance and behaviour.
As part of our ongoing commitment to student voice, we have put together two different options based on students’ suggestions and your child has a choice which trip they would like to attend. We will fully fund both trips and will provide a packed lunch for your child so there is no cost to you whatsoever.
Option 1
Sea Life Centre, Birmingham
Students need to arrive at school at 9.15 as normal, where staff will greet them and transport them to Central Birmingham by train from Northfield Station. Students will then spend the day at the Sea Life Centre and arrive back at The Edge via train for the end of the academy day at 3.15.
Option 2
Factory/ Rush Activity Day
Students again need to arrive at school at 9.15 as normal; staff will greet them and transport them via minibus to The Factory, Longbridge where a supervised morning of sporting activities/ youth democracy activities will take place. The afternoon session for this option will then take place at Rush Trampolining Centre, Kings Norton- students will be transported there from The Factory and will then be brought back to The Edge for the end of the academy day at 3.15.
Your child does not have to wear uniform but will of course be expected to behave according to our code of conduct at all times. We would suggest that your son/daughter wears clothes suitable for sporting activities if you select the second trip option, and brings some clothing suitable for wet weather if you select the first option. You may wish to provide your son/daughter with a small amount of spending money for additional refreshments throughout the day.
I would be grateful if you could return the reply slip below by Friday September 15th, making clear which trip option your child would prefer. In any cases prior to the day of the trip where students no longer meet the criteria for attending the trip, your child’s tutor will call you and discuss the withdrawal reasons with you. Any further questions in the meantime, please let me know.
Yours faithfully,

Andrew Wakefield
Vice Principal



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