Dear Parent/Carer,

I would like to thank you for the support you have given me in my first couple of weeks in role as Principal and would also like to thank the vast majority of students who have begun the term by working hard and meeting our expectations. We will be working on various praise initiatives over the next fortnight to reward these students. As a staff we are committed to the vision of “Shaping Futures” and when our students and community work with us, we are an unstoppable team!

I am writing however with a reminder of three key academy rules which I have spoken to students about in assemblies today. I would be grateful if you could talk these through with your child and ensure that they fully understand the importance of them.

  • It is academy policy for all phones and electronic devices to be either placed in lockers or our new secure “charging trolley” when students enter the building. Any student who chooses to bring a phone/device past the reception area and into school will be issued with a detention and we will ask a parent/ carer to come in to collect it.
  • Year 10 and 11 students who have permission to leave the school site must return to school by 12.50pm so that they are in afternoon lessons and ready to learn by 12.55pm. Any students who choose to abuse this privilege and return late will not be allowed to leave site for a week.
  • All students are expected to attend all lessons on time and work to the best of their ability throughout the school day. Any students who truant any part of a lesson will be issued with a detention. I would also like to remind you that any students who receive a negative report during the day lose their daily enrichment time, any students receiving more than one are automatically kept behind in detention at the end of the same day.

If you have any questions regarding the above or if I can help and support in any way, please let me know.


Yours faithfully,


Andrew Wakefield