Newsletter_Sept 22nd

  1. Rewards trips

Our first reward trips of the year took place on Thursday and were a great success. Students who had shown consistently high standards of attendance, behaviour and commitment from the beginning of term had a choice of either the Sea Life Centre or Rush Trampolining Park. Some pictures below – students loved both!

  1. Vandalism

We strive to ensure the learning environment at The Edge helps students to learn and for this reason, take a hard line on deliberate acts of vandalism. If you have not read the Principal’s letter regarding vandalism please find a copy here:

  1. Parents evening

For the third consecutive time, we welcomed a record-breaking number of parents/carers to Parents’ Evening last Wednesday. Thank you so much to all parents/carers who attended- it was a pleasure to meet with you and we look forward to continuing to work closely with you. It was a case of “Team Edge” with staff, students, parents/carers all together and our chef Connor Harkins was run off his feet all night serving up his “Fish and Chip Supper!” If you were unable to attend but would like to make an appointment with your child’s tutor at another time, let us know and we will arrange for you!

4. Star of the Week


Well done to Kamran in Y9 who won this week’s “Star of the Week” award at the “Friday Brunch” event. As always, this was earned by winning the most “Star of the Session” awards over the course of the whole week. Well done Kamran! (seen here receiving his award from Ms Lancashire).

  1. Attend to achieve

Attendance has risen significantly in the first weeks of term compared to 2016/7 but as we said in last week’s newsletter, we must keep our standards high and we are pushing all students to aim for 100% attendance. Put simply, students must “attend to achieve”! In an exciting new development, we will commit to giving all students who achieve 100% attendance in the week commencing Monday 25th September a reward! We would also like to thank the many students who arrive to school on time day in, day out. Remember that all students must arrive at school by 9.15 every day so that they can profit from form time and access the new “employability” qualifications being taught at this time. We will now reward all students in on time in the morning with a daily prize until October half-term!

6. Enrichment

Did you know that as part of our innovative new curriculum, all students now get to do an enrichment activity of their choice for the final two hours of their week on a Friday? Some pictures here from the health and beauty, baking, Northfield Park sports, and Factory sports groups. If your child would like us to consider putting a different enrichment group on, let us know and we will consider!

7. Safeguarding

Student safety is paramount and we encourage all students to discuss any concerns they have with a member of staff. Staff receive weekly safeguarding training to ensure we offer students and their families the best support possible when they are going through difficult times. Whilst students can talk through concerns with any member of staff, our designated safeguarding leads are as follows:

Parents/carers can also raise safeguarding concerns through staff or alternatively, can contact any of the following agencies:

Police    101 (non-emergency)   999 (emergency)

Birmingham Children’s Services 0121 303 1888 (Emergency 0121 675 4806)

NSPCC   0808 800 5000 (Text 88858)

For support, please contact:

Samaritans                                          116 123

ChildLine                                            0800 1111

8. Work Related Learning

Further developments to our curriculum have seen all Year 10s and Yr 11s receiving work related learning lessons. As part of this we are looking to secure weekly work placements for all Key Stage 4 students. If you know of any workplaces that could assist by offering a placement for a students, please do not hesitate to contact the Principal.

6. Parent/carer communication

9. Parent/carer communication

A further reminder  that as well as handing letters, newsletters etc to students regarding academy news, we now put all letters on our website ( and text links to you each time this happens. We also post reminders on Twitter (address @edgenorthfield or go to website at and Facebook (address @edgeacademynorthfield or go to website at Please follow/like our social media accounts as they provide exciting additional snapshots of academy life! Finally, we now also have a parent/carer electronic mailing list- if you have not already signed up for this, e-mail Vice Principal Andrew Wakefield at and we will then e-mail all academy letters to you.