Newsletter_Sept 18th

  1. Attend to Achieve!

As we enter our third week of term, we would like to thank the many parents/ carers who ensure that their children attend school regularly and punctually. Should you have any queries regarding attendance, please be aware that our Attendance Officer is Russell Greenwood, and Vice Principal Andrew Wakefield ( is also happy to answer any queries you may have as the Senior Line Manager for Attendance at the Edge.

Last week the academy achieved its best ever attendance since opening in 2015, and we are keen to maintain these high standards moving forward so that all students aim for 100% attendance all year round and achieve their full potential. You may not be aware that even the following levels of attendance (which at face value appear positive) involve students missing huge number of lessons and are therefore no longer considered acceptable….

95% attendance = 2 weeks absence, 50 lessons missed

90% attendance = 4 weeks absence, 100 lessons missed

85% attendance = 6 weeks absence, 150 lessons missed

80% attendance = 8 weeks absence, 200 lessons missed

As you will know, the Year 11 cohort that have just left us achieved the best ever results seen at The Edge since the academy opened, and it was clear that the students achieving the best grades were the students with the highest levels of attendance. Put simply, students must “Attend to Achieve”!

Research also shows that students with poor attendance find it difficult to maintain friendships, are more likely to become involved in crime, and more likely to miss out on future opportunities in further education/ the world of work. It is with this in mind that we are fully committed to helping and supporting children/ families where attendance becomes poor.

We are obliged to inform all families at The Edge that requested absence can only be authorised by Principal Karen Slater in line with the boundaries set by the Education Regulations of 2006. The Principal is unlikely to authorise leave during term time except in exceptional circumstances. If your child takes leave that has not been authorised by the Principal, it will result in the absence being recorded as unauthorised and legal action may be taken.

Please remember that parental illness, going shopping, visiting family, truancy, not wanting to go to school, alleged bullying (please speak to academy staff immediately to resolve the issue!) are not acceptable reasons to be absent. All of these will be recorded as unauthorised absence.

Family emergencies also need careful consideration. Please remember that it is not always appropriate or in the best interests of your child to miss lessons for emergencies which are being dealt with by family members. Being at school, friendship with peers, and support from staff provides students with stability; the routine of academy life offers a safe and familiar background in any times of uncertainty.

Legal action that may be taken includes an issuing of penalty notices and taking parents/ carers to court (both for unauthorised and persistent unauthorised absence). We are obliged to remind you that being taken to court could result in parents/ carers having a criminal record.


  1. Teaching and Learning at The Edge!

As we mentioned in last week’s newsletter, we have made radical changes to our curriculum since September to provide an innovative, exciting timetable for our students. We are also now committed as an academy to ensuring that relentlessly improving “Teaching and Learning” is our core purpose. You will therefore notice the following changes when talking to your child about lessons at The Edge:

  • All lessons now feature engaging lesson starters, then focus around clear, measurable and differentiated learning objectives.
  • All student work will now be marked at least every two weeks with a new academy “feedback sticker” which sets your child clear targets for improvement. Your child will be given time to respond to these targets the following lesson in coloured pen.
  • We are raising expectations of students’ presentation of work. All work must now be completed in black pen, all titles and dates must be underlined, and any work completed where graffiti is present will need to be re-done.

We will keep you updated throughout the year on exciting things happening in lessons at The Edge.

  1. Rewards

Last week we ran our second “Friday Brunch” Reward Event of the term- once again, it was great to see so many students qualifying for the event. Well done to all those who received praise certificates and please remind your child that the “Friday Brunch” event is only for students who meet our expectations in terms of attendance, progress and behaviour over the course of the entire school week.

4. Star of the Week

Well done to Callum in Y11 who won this week’s “Star of the Week” award at the Friday Brunch event. As always, this was earned by winning the most “Star of the Session” awards over the course of the whole week. Well done Callum! (seen here receiving his award from Ms Blythe).

5. Communication with parents/carers

A further reminder that as well as handing letters, newsletters etc to students regarding academy news, we now put all letters on our website ( and text links to you each time this happens. We also post reminders on Twitter (address @edgenorthfield or go to website at and Facebook (address @edgeacademynorthfield or go to website at Please follow/like our social media accounts as they provide exciting additional snapshots of academy life! Finally, we now also have a parent/carer electronic mailing list- if you have not already signed up for this, e-mail Vice Principal Andrew Wakefield at and we will then e-mail all academy letters to you.

6. Reward trip – Thurs 21st Sept

This Thursday sees our first reward trip of the year. Students who have earned the reward day have been given a choice of two trips: Rush trampoline park or the Sealife Centre. Consent letters have been sent home with selected students.

Please note that for those students not going on the trips, it is a normal school day with uniform required.

7. Parents’ evening – Weds 20th Sept 

Please join us for our ‘fish and chip’ settling in evening on Weds 20th September 4-6pm. All food provided free. Staff will be available to update on students’ progress.

4. Star of the Week

4. Star of the Week

4. Star of the Week