Mobile Phone Use January 2019

Dear Parents/Carers,

The school council was recently established and is made up of our Head Girl and Head Boy, along with one form representative from each of the other four tutor groups in school (two in Key Stage 3 and two in Key Stage 4). A school council is a group of students who are elected to represent the views of all pupils and to improve their school.  The school council will be vital to helping us continue to improve the development of our school and ensuring that the important views of the students are heard.

Last week the school council raised the use of mobile phones in school and the current practice of mobile phones not being permitted inside the school building and students required to hand them in at the start of the day.  As a result of the mature discussion and the views expressed by the student council members, the school is going to trial a change to the use of mobile phones in school from Monday 21st January for 4 weeks until half-term. At The Edge Academy, one of our aims is to inspire success and confidence in each student. As leaders in the use of technology, we encourage creative and innovative learning.

From Monday 21st January students WILL BE permitted to bring in their mobile phones in to the school building should they wish too, as well as the options of keeping them securely in their locker or placed on the provided charging trolley should they prefer.  However, responsible and considerate phone use now becomes the most important focus for us all. This is in keeping with our academy values of ‘Safe, Ready, Respectful’. The following expectations have been discussed and agreed with the school council:

  • Students are required to place their phone in silent mode or in aircraft mode during lessons and tutor time. Phones should then be placed securely away or on the desk in view of the teacher.
  • Students should not make or receive voice calls or video calls during lessons and tutor time.
  • Students should not play music from their phone via the phone speaker or separate wired/Bluetooth speakers
  • Students may use their mobile phone at social times such as break or lunch.
  • Earphones may be allowed with mobile phones but should not be used unless an adult has permitted this.
  • Devices must never be used either to photograph a student, a member of staff or visitor to the school without their express permission. Incidences of devices being used in school to bully, intimidate or harass anyone will be dealt with severely – including confiscation.


  • Students should never carry material on their device which they would be unhappy about an adult or parent viewing. Teachers may request to look at a student’s device and content at any time


  • Students should not bring plug-in phone chargers for use in school due to health and safety equipment testing not being carried out on personal plug-in chargers. These will be removed and confiscated.
  • The security of a student’s phone cannot be guaranteed, likewise the risk of damage to the phone whilst in school. The Edge Academy is not responsible for such loss or damage to an individual’s phone.
  • Staff may lawfully search electronic devices, without consent or parental permission, if there is reasonable grounds for suspicion that the device may be used to:
    • Cause harm, disrupt teaching, break school rules, commit an offence, cause personal injury, or damage property.

We will be reviewing this trial school policy on mobile phones during the remainder of this half-term through student voice and school council discussions.

Yours faithfully,


Adam Smith

Vice Principal


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