Key Stage 4 Options Letter as at June 14th 2019

KS4 Options

Dear Parent/Carer,

The Edge Academy has undergone some exciting changes this year and we are looking forward to continuing this drive to ensure a positive future for all Edge students. This term is an important one for Year 9 as they are reaching the end of KS3 and will need to make decisions about which subjects to study at KS4. At this important and exciting stage of your child’s time at The Edge Academy, we are committed to fully supporting our students as they begin to prepare for life in KS4 and as they step up the intensity of their classwork/ homework. With this in mind we have created two distinct Year 9 teaching groups and hope that the students embrace the opportunity to show us what they can achieve.

All Year 9 students will continue to study core subjects, Maths, English and Science, but they will also need to pick 2 options from the following list: Catering, Sport, Art and Design Technology. We will be encouraging students to think carefully about which subjects they enjoy and which subjects will support them best in their future plans. While every attempt will be made to accommodate choices, group sizes will be restricted.

In addition, students will all be expected to complete a work related learning placement one day a week. In partnership with Envirohort we will offer accredited courses in Childcare, Health and Social Care, Motor Vehicle Maintenance, Motorcycle Maintenance, Tyre Fitting and Landscaping. Taster sessions will be arranged this half term to ensure students understand what each subject entails as changes cannot be made throughout the year. We also offer Construction with Southside, where students completed taster sessions last half term. If none of these options are suitable students can source their own placement but this will require extensive checks and require a considerable commitment from placement providers.

We appreciate your support at this time and encourage you to talk through the options with your son/daughter. Please could you ask them to complete the attached slip ranking their options in order of preference from 1-4, 1 being their most preferred. Work related learning placements will be sorted after the taster sessions have been completed.

If you require any further details, or want to talk through your child’s options don’t hesitate to get in touch,

Charlotte Poynton

Assistant Principal

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Name: ____________________________________________ Form: _________

Please rank the options below from 1-4, 1 being your most preferred option, 4 being least preferred.

Art Catering Design Technology Sport

Signed: _______________________________________________ (Parent/carer)

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