Dear Parent/Carer,

I am thrilled to say that our attendance at the academy continues to improve which is a positive sign that our school improvement plan is ensuring we make a difference to students’ futures. For much of this week we have achieved a daily attendance rate over 80%. Let’s keep this up!

As part of our drive to improve the academy we are focusing on behaviour standards. You will receive regular updates on expectations of students to ensure these standards are reinforced by yourselves. I cannot tell you how important the support is of yourselves and am incredibly humbled by the support we receive of parents of our students.

We are aware that letters for parents do not always make their way home hence why this week’s has been posted. My weekly letters can always be found on the website at:

We have also recently launched a Twitter and Facebook page which can be found at:

Please ensure you follow us to keep updated!

I am pleased to welcome Andrew Wakefield to the post of Vice Principal; another key aspect in our school improvement journey. Myself, the governing body, and trustees of the academy continue to work with the Birmingham Education Partnership to secure stability in leadership and as part of this, I can confirm I will be remaining as Principal for next academic year.


Yours faithfully,

Karen Slater