End of Autumn Term 2019 and Start of Spring Term 2020 Letter

Dear Parents/Carers,

To celebrate the hard work and determination of all our students this term, we have arranged a number of curriculum enrichment activities for next week. Each year group will experience a range of activities designed to complement the work they have been doing in school and reinforce our core values of being ‘Safe, Ready and Respectful’.

Students going off site will not be required to wear uniform and transport and lunch will be provided for all students. All visits are integral to the curriculum and are not optional, students will be returned to school by 3.15.

KS4 work related learning placements will all continue and all students should attend as usual.  KS4 students will also have a day visiting a local college. They will be transported on the Edge minibus and returned to school for dismissal at the end of the day.

All students will have a day visit to the Apple Store, Birmingham. Students will initially work in school to hone their photography understanding prior to taking train transport in to the city to participate in a technical skills workshop at the flagship Birmingham Apple Store. Here they will access the latest Apple technology led by an Apple digital expert to learn how their photographs can be enhanced and boost their impact and vibrancy. With this new found technical expertise, students will then spend time photographing iconic Birmingham landmarks with iPads provided by the Edge to create our first exhibition at school. We will then travel back to school on rail transport for dismissal at the end of the day.

KS3 students will continue their usual Princes Trust Programme delivered by Albion Foundation on Tuesday and will also have their final session with the RSPCA on Wednesday, this session will include a visit to the local RSPCA rescue centre in Frankley to see first-hand the valuable work that the RSPCA do.

16th December
17th December
18th December
19th December
20th December

Yr7,8 &9

Apple store visit


Albion in school RSPCA visit pm Bowling and Snowdome P1 and 2 as normal


Christmas lunch


Yr10 WRL as normal College visit Apple Store


Yr11 College Visit


Apple Store Trip


WRL as normal


On Thursday all students will travel by coach to Namco Funscape Bowling in the morning and the Snowdome in the afternoon for an ice skating session. Appropriate warm clothing, including gloves, will be needed.

Our term finishes with Christmas themed lessons on Friday 20th December followed by a celebration assembly and then we will all sit down to Christmas dinner before students are dismissed at 12pm. A reminder too that the Spring Term begins for all students at 9.15am on Tuesday January 7th.

If you have any questions about the trips please contact the school on 0121 533 5858 or e-mail me at charlotte.poynton@theedgeacademy.co.uk

Yours faithfully,

Charlotte Poynton (Assistant Principal)


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I give consent for my child: _________________________________ to attend the trips 16th, 17th, 18th December 2019

Signed: _______________________________________________ (Parent/carer)

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