Cultural Capital Week/ End of Spring Half-Term 1 Arrangements


Dear Parents/Carers,

As part of this half term’s “Cultural Capital” week, we have planned a trip to explore Stratford, one of our neighbouring towns rich with cultural heritage. Next week all Key Stage 3 (Years 7, 8 and 9) and Year 10 students will be going to visit the historic market town that is home to our most famous playwright and visiting the fantastic MAD museum, an interactive art and design museum. These experiences form an integral part of our “Safe, Ready, Respectful” curriculum and follow up work will be completed in a range of curriculum areas in the following half term.

Students will travel by coach, all costs will be covered by the school and a packed lunch will be provided. You may provide a small amount of additional spending money if you so wish, however the school cannot accept responsibility for it.  Students will spend part of the day outside and will therefore need weather appropriate clothing.

Key Stage 3 students will be visiting Stratford on Wednesday 12th February, Year 10 will be visiting on Thursday 13th February, in both cases students need to arrive at school by 9.15am and will be dismissed from school upon their return at 3.15pm. If you have any questions about the trip, please contact the school on 0121 533 5858 or feel free to e-mail me at

Finally, a reminder that Spring Half-Term 1 ends on Friday 14th February, when students will be dismissed at 12.15pm. Spring Half-Term 2 begins for all students on Tuesday 25th February at 9.15am.


Yours faithfully,


Charlotte Poynton

Assistant Principal


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