Travel Costs Update


Dear Parent/Carer,

In response to several recent queries from students/parents/carers on the issue of bus passes, I am writing with clarification of our policy.

As we explain during our induction meetings for all new starters when they join us, unless there is a bespoke agreement put into place immediately with ourselves or your child’s “home school”, we unfortunately cannot support families with travel costs.

However, we would like to draw your attention to the fact that Birmingham City Council are often able to help with termly travel costs for any parents/carers who wish to contact them directly. The Council ask parents/ carers (including any in receipt of Pupil Premium) to apply online at:

If any parents/carers would like us to assist them with logging onto the internet and completing the online application, we are of course more than happy to help. Our interim Attendance Officer Shauvaughn Best is available to deal with any queries in reception, alternatively her e-mail is

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all students, parents and carers for the recent improvements in our attendance. We have improved attendance for five weeks in a row, meaning that students are in lessons learning and able to work towards fulfilling their potential.

Please contact me if there are any issues regarding this letter with which I can help and support.


Yours faithfully,


Andrew Wakefield

Vice Principal