Accessibility Plan

Policy Details
Policy prepared by: Helen McClane, SENCO
Date reviewed: January 2020
Approved by Governors: January 2020
Date of next review: January 2021


 Accessibility Plan [2020 – 2021]

    • Introductory statement

This Accessibility Plan covers the period from January 2020 to January 2021. The plan is available in large print or other accessible format if required.

The plan takes account of the academy’s public sector equality duty set out in section 149 of the Equality Act 2010.

We are committed to providing an environment which values and includes all pupils, staff, parents and visitors regardless of their educational, physical, sensory, social, spiritual, emotional and cultural needs.  We are further committed to challenging attitudes about disability and accessibility and to developing a culture of awareness, tolerance and inclusion.

  • Background
    • The academy’s layout and facilities

The academy is committed to making reasonable adjustments to allow disabled pupils to access educational provision at the academy.  The academy occupies a fully accessible site.

The accessibility of provision for all pupils, staff and visitors to the academy will continue to be monitored, particularly in the following areas:

  • increase the extent to which disabled pupils can participate in the academy curriculum
  • improve the physical environment of the academy to increase access to education by disabled pupils
  • improve the delivery of information to pupils, staff, parents and visitors with disabilities.

Attached are three action plans relating to the above.  These will be reviewed as and when necessary.  It is acknowledged that there will be need for ongoing awareness training for all staff in the matter of disability discrimination and the potential need to inform attitudes on this matter.

The Accessibility Plan should be read in conjunction with the following policies, strategies and documents:

  • equal opportunities policies
  • health and safety policy
  • special educational needs policy

The plan will be monitored at meetings of the governing body.  There will be a full review of the plan in the summer term of each year and a new plan will be produced to cover the next three years for the autumn term.

  • Welcoming and preparing for disabled pupils

Where it is practicable to make reasonable adjustments to enable a prospective pupil to take up a place at the academy and to satisfy the current admissions criteria, the academy is committed to providing those reasonable adjustments.

In order to meet the needs of disabled pupils, the academy requires full information.  The academy will ask prospective pupils’ parents/carers to disclose whether they have received any learning support, have had an educational psychologist’s report or have any disability or other condition of which the academy should be aware.  Where a pupil has a statement of special educational needs or an Education, Health Care Plan, the academy will work with the Local Authority (LA) who makes and maintains the statement, (EHC Plan) to ensure that the identified provision is delivered in an appropriate manner.

In assessing the pupil or prospective pupil, the academy may need to take advice and require assessments as appropriate.  The academy will be sensitive to any issues of confidentiality.

Accessibility Plan as at January 26th 2020