11th April 2018

Year 11 April English and Maths Mock Examinations

Dear Year 11 Parents/Carers,

We are writing to give you advance warning of the Year 11 English/ Mathematics Mock Examinations which will be taking place in April. We have already shared this information with students but thought that we would also alert you beforehand so that you can help and support your child in preparing for the examinations at this important stage in his/her time at The Edge.

On either Tuesday 17th April or Wednesday 18th April, all Year 11 students will take a final mock exam for their Maths GCSE.  This will determine whether or not students will be entered for the GCSE this summer.  Failure to score enough marks to gain a grade 1 or above, or failure to attend, could therefore mean that students may not be allowed to sit the exam in the summer. Students who normally attend The Edge (whether or not they are normally scheduled to attend in this time) will begin their paper at 10:25am on Tuesday 17th April. Year 11 students who normally attend Southside Construction will take their paper at 9:30am on Wednesday 18th April.


On Thursday 19th April, all Year 11 students who have been entered for the English Language GCSE will sit a mock exam.  Those who normally attend The Edge Academy will need to begin their paper at 1:15pm (even if they are not normally scheduled to be in school at that time). Year 11 students who normally attend Southside Construction will begin their paper at 9:30am.


Examinations will take place in small groups in classrooms as they will do for actual GCSE examinations in the summer of 2018 so will be a realistic “dress rehearsal” for students. Any students who are permitted additional time in the actual GCSE examinations will be given additional time in the same way for the mock examinations.

As always, we will provide food free of charge for Year 11 students during the mock examination period. Breakfast will be available from 9am onwards on both days for students should they want it. Students should attend all other lessons as normal during these three days, although they will have permission to leave before 3.15pm once they have completed their English exam on April 19th.

Finally, we would like to wish your son/daughter well in their mock examinations and hope that they enjoy the remainder of their Easter break. If you have any questions regarding this letter or we can help in any way, please let us know.


Yours faithfully,


Donna Blythe/ Sue Herbert, Lead Teachers of English/Maths